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"People in a growth mindset don't just seek challenge, they thrive on it."
-- Carol Dweck Ph.D, Mindset the New Psychology of Success


OnTrack™ is a proactive positive behavior program  that is simple to implement and naturally becomes part of the daily lives of students. It incorporates the latest findings of Dr Carol Dweck on process praise that changes the way kids see themselves, others and their future. It helps them thrive when challenged, build character strengths and develop a growth mindset. OnTrack™ Moments (classroom implementation guide ) are used in combination with Stretch-N-Reveal™ bracelets. The OnTrack™ acronym (Tolerance, Respect, Accountability, Courage and Kindness) is revealed on the bracelets when stretched (kids love this) and are worn as continual reminders of the OnTrack™ values being implemented. The Program also includes an OnTrack™ Pledge, posters, family OnTrack™ letter, guide to a growth mindset and more.

Elementary Schools

" I was amazed how quickly they responded..."
I walked into the noisy classroom and noticed only two student ready to learn. I said out loud "Can anyone point out the two students who are On Track?" Instantly the whole class was quite and I had their full attention.

Carol Dweck— “students can be switched from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and their academic results tend to rise as a result”


Secondary Schools

" What a break through!"

I am a first year female math teacher at an inner city alternative High School. I have utilized the majority of the On Track program in my classroom. I now have students who believe they can succeed and are proving it to me everyday.

Paul Tough—“Kids work harder if they actually believe they can change” “Getting students back on track requires help from the outside”

"I challenge all our schools to teach character education, to teach good values and good citizenship."                                                                                        — President Bill Clinton

 Don't be the last school to get OnTrackContact us and we will put you in contact with principals who have implemented the OnTrack program. Let them tell you how fun, powerful and life changing OnTrack has been in their school.

Creates a Safe and Positive School Culture - The ON TRACK Program uses newly discovered techniques to easily and  naturally change students from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and to develop character strengths for their success.This results in greater academic achievement and less aggression.

Anti-bullying "Teaching tolerance in schools reduces the incidence of hate crimes, racism, discrimination and bigotry." National Crime Prevention Council

School Pride and Identity – Psychologists have demonstrated that group identity can have a powerful effect on achievement. Kids want to be part of something bigger then themselves. The Bracelet and program provides opportunity for all to be included in everyone’s success.

Clear Expectations – Defined and agreed upon common set of values designed to build character in students and provide a positive school culture.

Daily Reminder – Wearing the Stretch-N-Reveal™ bracelet. The bracelets become a personal bookmark to remind each student to stay ON TRACK™. They are also a symbol of commitment to themselves, their future and others.

Reinforced in Class – ON TRACK™ Moments (3-5 minutes) Developing grit and a growth mindset in students through simple but effective lessons based on easy to remember character strengths.

Common School Language – The acronym of ON TRACK™ becomes part of the daily school conversation from motivation to correction.

Inclusion – Teachers and students working together for everyone’s success.

Proven SuccessBased on the research of Education Experts: Dr.Carol Dweck, Dr.David Walsh, Dr. Martin Seligman and Eric Jensen, Paul Tough.

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