Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need to Know

What sets OnTrack™ apart from other programs?
Other programs use external pressures - motivational assemblies, special speakers, P.B.I.S., etc in attempts to change students.
According to statistics the impact of these programs last 3-5 days. OnTrack™ works from the inside-out, developing core values and a growth mindset through our five points of immersion. Every day of the school year students will be OnTrack™ developing essential life skills, perseverance, and values. Daily they will be learning how to fulfill their potential. OnTrack's newly discovered techniques are easily implemented. These techniques change students’ mindsets and develop character strengths for success. Cultivation of these characteristics and a growth mindset generate a natural byproduct of reduction in bullying and an increase in academic achievement , a WIN for all schools.

How does the OnTrack™ Program work? 
  • Defined Expectations
  • Clear Vocabulary - a must to develop common school language and precise understanding
  • Retraining the brain through repetition to create new neural pathways
  • Daily Guidance for appropriate self-responses ie, reminders of how to think of ourselves and others

​What makes the
OnTrack™ Program so effective?
OnTrack™ uses The 5 Points of Immersion
  • COGNITIVE-Developing growth mindsets in character development.
  • VISUAL-Poster throughout school defining OnTrack traits/expectations

  • TACTILE-Daily reminders with Stretch-N-Reveal Bracelets-when stretched reveal the T.R.A.C.K. Acronym Tolerance Respect Accountability Courage Kindness.
  • AUDIBLE-Use of Process Praise, Verbal Reinforcement, and OnTrack™ as common school language for motivation and correction.
  • EMOTIONAL- Everyone participates, students, teachers and administrator tapping into the the power of inclusion and belonging. Sharing in a common cause (staying OnTrack™ for the success of every student) brings support for one another. Research shows helping others not only benefits the receiver, but also the giver and is proven to increase happiness and the feeling of well-being as well as having a lasting effect on self-worth.

There are two types of individuals, those with
fixed mindsets and those with growth mindsets. People with fixed mindsets believe that intelligence and abilities are innate. These individuals are prone to giving up easily, blaming others or themselves. They are afraid of criticism, challenges, setbacks and failure, believing if they fail they are failures.  People with growth mindsets believe intelligence and abilities can be developed. They never stop learning, love challenges and are eager to grow in new areas. The good news is the growth mindset can be taught.

What is
Praising students for the process they are going through to accomplish a task. This could be effort, strategy, focus, etc. Our OnTrack™ Campaign – Guide to Creating a Growth Mindset – explains simple ways to incorporate these type of practices in daily conversation. It includes examples of the most effective phrases that have been proven to reinforce the growth mindset. See our Guide to Developing Growth Mindsets in Students.

How much time does the program take to implement?
The Program includes OnTrack™ Moments, a simple classroom guide for each trait, which takes approximately 5-10 minutes per day of class time to build a foundation and is reinforced throughout the day.

How can a few minutes a day make such an impact?
That is the power of the OnTrack™ program. Experts agree that changing students thinking affects their ability to change (cognitive behavioral therapy). All it takes is a few minutes each day to establish a foundation of expectations, understanding and inclusion. Throughout the day the 5 points of immersion are used. We have found this highly effective natural process to be a relief for busy teachers.

What grade levels use the OnTrack™ Program?
  • The program is designed for K-12. Lessons are broadly written for implementation at every level.
  • Works great for advisory and student leadership in Secondary School
  • Powerful and fun inclusion program for Elementary School

How does the program reduce bullying?
  • "Teaching tolerance in schools reduces the incidence of hate crimes, racism, discrimination and bigotry." - National Crime Prevention Council
  • Students learn to respect and value others, appreciate differences and accept other cultures, customs and traditions.
  •  It promotes inclusion, bringing everyone together for a common cause.
  • It retrains the brain from a fixed to a growth mindset.

How is OnTrack™ implemented in schools?
Implementation Guide Available

The OnTrack™ Campaign Program builds character, develops growth mindsets, creates positive school cultures…while effectively reducing bullying. School administrators BUY-IN based on fifteen years of proven research which support the techniques used in the OnTrack™ Program. The program is SIMPLE, requiring little time, yet laser FOCUSED on the TRACK Acronym traits (Tolerance, Respect, Accountability, Courage and Kindness) is easy to remember and makes implementation a breeze.